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Judy vs Capitalism

In a still taken from the documentary Judy vs Capitalism, Judy Rebick gives an impassioned speech to a rally in front of Toronto Police headquarters. Her left arm is raised to emphasise a point. Her right hand holds a microphone which is connected to a megaphone with a coiled wire. She is standing on a platform, which is outside of the frame. She stands above, and with her back to, several police officers who look on impassively.

If you asked me if there were people I admire, I’d definitely say I admire Judy Rebick. I heard Judy speak at a women’s studies conference many years ago at University and was blown away by her passion, strength of character, conviction and determination. So, when the opportunity presented itself to talk to Judy about a new documentary on her life, Judy Versus Capitalism, well-naturally I was going to talk to her. 

The documentary which is an impressionist art film isn’t described. I wrestled with having Judy discuss it with us despite it. I decided that her story is powerful enough that it deserves attention. Secondly, I figured I could just raise the lack of description with Judy at the interview. It’s not like she’s never been asked a tough question- and I frankly think it’s my job to ask hard questions. 

I also wanted to raise the point that Judy has spent decades of her life fighting for abortion rights. I understand that not everyone listening shares her point of view- and nor do we all have to agree. But Judy Rebick has a compelling story not least because she struggled tremendously with her mental health- despite having a very prominent public role. But bringing Judy on the show, is not taking a pro-choice position. As a producer, I am committed to staying neutral and bringing different perspectives to The Pulse. 

And it’s true I see her at the Farmers Market in Toronto, and I admit it was nice talking about pre-COVID times.