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Proposals for New, Original Programs

Have you got an idea for an original television show or digital content you think is a good fit for AMI? Here's what you need to know:

Preparing Your Proposal

When creating your proposal document, please consider the following questions:

  • Why is this program a good fit for AMI-tv?
  • What is the program length, and how many episodes will there be?
  • Who are the key cast and crew members?
  • Will there be an accompanying digital media component? If yes, please describe it.
  • Who is the intended audience, and what value does the program and/or digital media component bring to that audience?
  • What is the proposed budget for the program and digital media component?
  • What is your production timeline?

Submission Process

You will need to download the Program Proposal Submission Release form, upload it to this form and submit it with your proposal. By doing so you agree to the terms and conditions as set out in AMI's Policy Concerning Unsolicited Submissions.


What kinds of programs are you interested in commissioning?
We are interested in a variety of content, with a focus on documentary, factual, lifestyle and performing arts programming, provided they fall within AMI's Mission and Vision statements.

When is the best time to submit a proposal?
We accept program proposals all year.

When will I hear back about my proposal?
Due to the high volume of submissions, AMI works diligently in order to review and respond to submissions in a timely manner.

Does AMI do any kind of program development?
Yes, AMI-tv does program development, though it is dependant on the stage of the project.

Does AMI have a Canada Media Fund (CMF) envelope?
Yes. For further inquiries about what the CMF does please, visit their website

Is AMI interested in second window projects?
Yes. Please follow the process for submitting a project and please mention this is a second-window project.

I have an idea for an AMI show but I'm not an experienced producer. What should I do?
We commission programs from small to large production companies across the country. Send us your idea!

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