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January 29, 2020
Dave Brown has over 10 years of broadcast experience. Early in his career, Dave ran a student radio station in Ottawa, interned at CBC Radio 3 in Vancouver, CBC Radio 1 in Ottawa, Entertainment Tonight Canada and Global News Toronto. Dave's first big on-air opportunity came as a traffic...
January 27, 2020
Interested in trying out any of the projects featured on Eyes for the Job? We've got fully accessible, step-by-step construction guides! From loft beds to log benches, we've got you covered. Click on the links below for accessible PDFs. Happy building!
November 19, 2019
  AMI-audio is an accessible television channel and streaming service offering a variety of compelling stories and engaging original content to Canadians who are blind, partially sighted or otherwise print restricted. Listen to AMI-audio on television, stream our service online or down...
August 21, 2019