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Research Panel

About the Research Panel

AMI's Research Panel serves as an ongoing feedback mechanism between AMI and the community. Canadians who are blind or partially sighted, or identify as a member of the disability community, are invited to join and share insights and opinions on accessible technology, TV programming, media consumption and more through focus groups, online questionnaires and telephone surveys. Join the AMI research panel today and help shape the future of accessible media.

Your privacy is very important to us and we want you to feel comfortable engaging with us online. AMI’s Privacy Policy is posted here and we encourage you to review it and contact us at with any questions or concerns.

How to Join

To register for the AMI Research Panel please fill out the form below or call toll-free 1-855-839-4772.

Types of Research

​AMI is committed to learning more about the interests of the blind and partially sighted community and disability community in Canada. Panel members will be asked, at different times during the year, to participate in information-gathering projects, which may include:

Focus Groups 

​A focus group is a form of research in which a group of people share their perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes toward a product, service, concept or advertisement. Questions are asked by a moderator in an interactive group setting.

Online Surveys 

​Online surveys are usually used with a large group of people so the answers can be statistically reviewed and analyzed. This type of survey can range from being short with just a couple of questions or long with in-depth areas being explored with many questions.

Telephone Interviews 

​A telephone interview is a process of data collection using a standardized questionnaire and calling panel members. It is a great alternative when online access isn't the preference for respondents.