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SaskTel maxTV Remote Control – one button option

1. Push the 'C' button to turn described video on or off



SaskTel maxTV Remote Control – extended instructions

Step 1: Press the LEFT arrow to open the on-screen menu.

Step 2: Use the DOWN arrow to navigate to SETTINGS. Press OK.

Step 3: Use the DOWN arrow to navigate to ACCESSIBILITY.

Step 4: Press the RIGHT arrow to select SECONDARY AUDIO. Press OK.

Step 5: Press the RIGHT arrow followed by the DOWN arrow to select USE SECONDARY AUDIO IF AVAILABLE. Press OK.

Step 6: Press the LEFT arrow followed by the UP arrow. Press OK.

Step 7: Press EXIT TO TV to return to your program.

If you are having issues accessing described video or have questions about your SaskTel maxTV service please contact the SaskTel Accessibility team.

Service notes:

  • DV can be enabled globally (for all channels) via the on-screen Settings menu to configure TV settings.
  • If enabled globally through the settings menu, DV (secondary audio) persists until manually deactivated. Settings are retained when the set-top-box is powered down to sleep or rebooted. The setting may need to be re-enabled when the software on the set-top box is updated. Software updates may occur 2-3 times per year.
  • DV can be enabled temporarily on a single program bases by pressing the circular red "C" button on the remote control once.
  • When the global setting is disabled, pressing the circular red "C" button, the DV audio track will remain audible on that channel until the channel is changed then it reverts back to the primary audio feed for the next channel tuned. SaskTel would prefer the DV audio to persist however the Mediaroom system does not allow this to the best of our knowledge.


SaskTel maxTV Stream

  1. Open the settings menuPhoto of a remote control
  2. Choose Audio.
  3. Choose Descriptive Audio.
  4. Choose On.

NOTE: For each step, press OK on your remote to continue or save the setting. Press back on your remote at any time.



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