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AMI-tv Schedule

AMI-tv is a television channel that is broadcast nationally in English in the Eastern time zone. 
The channel offers two specialized features, closed captioning and described video, on all of its programming. The makeup of the programming is 70% Canadian content, and it features original programming every day of the week.
Original programming includes such popular shows as Fashion Dis, Employable Me, NOW with Dave Brown, By Hook or By Cook, Our Community, and more.
AMI-tv is deemed a must-carry service by CRTC and can be found on all basic digital TV packages offered by class 1 & 2 cable systems and satellite direct-to-home services.​​​​

View the full AMI-tv schedule.

AMI-tv Channel Guide

Bell Aliant - 65
Bell - 48
Cogeco Ontario - 555
Cogeco Quebec - 66
Compton - 888
Eastlink - 888
MTS - 888
Novus - 888
Rogers ATL - 888
Rogers MTN - 888
Rogers ON - 888
Rogers Ignite - 145
SaskTel - 554
Shaw Cable - 888
Shaw Direct (Advanced) - 888
Shaw Direct (Classic) - 888
Source Cable - 111
Tbaytel (IPTV) - 1111
Telus - 888
Videotron - 173
Westman - 888​​

AMI-audio Schedule

AMI-audio is an accessible television channel offering a variety of compelling stories and engaging original content to Canadians who are blind, partially sighted or otherwise print-restricted.

AMI-audio is available as part of a basic digital package with most cable providers, to stream at or on demand through podcasts.

AMI-audio produces daily live programs, professionally narrated articles from premium publications like The Guardian, Maclean's and The Walrus magazine and original podcasts, available on YouTube and your favourite podcasting platform.

Weekly on AMI-audio

The Globe and Mail Today, Monday-Friday at 8 a.m. Eastern

Kick your weekday mornings off with The Globe and Mail Today at 8 a.m. Eastern as Mike Ross and Corinne Van Dusen deliver news, editorials and business, sports and entertainment stories pulled from the latest edition of The Globe and Mail

Maclean’s Magazine, Monday-Friday at 9 a.m. Eastern

Hosted by Matt Speirs, listen for a selection of feature articles from the most recent edition of Maclean’s. Maclean’s Magazine alternates with Voices of The Walrus, dynamic readings of thought-provoking articles from The Walrus magazine, in this timeslot.

The Guardian Daily, Monday-Friday at 10 a.m. Eastern

Hosted by Hannah Tausz and Laura Kirker, listen for a selection of feature articles from The Guardian, a British daily newspaper with a distinctly international outlook focused on politics, economics and environmental issues.

Podcast Roundup, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 11 a.m. Eastern

Jacob Shymanski and Nisreen Abdel-Majid bring you highlights from the week’s AMI podcasts.

The Neutral Zone, Tuesdays at 11 a.m. Eastern

On The Neutral Zone, Brock Richardson and his team—including Cam Jenkins, Claire Buchanan and Joshua Watson—discuss Canada's year-round Parasport activities, as well as offering its usual entertaining opinions on Canadian pro sports teams. 

Double Tap, Monday-Saturday at Noon Eastern 

Tune in daily for new episodes of Double Tap for discussions, led by Steven Scott, Shaun Preece and Marc Aflalo, on news, reviews and technology stories of interest to people who are blind or partially sighted. 

My Life in Books with Red Széll, Monday-Friday at 1 p.m. Eastern

Join broadcaster Red Széll for My Life in Books with Red Széll, featuring one-on-one interviews with authors who discuss their life, works and three books that have resonated with them. My Life in Books with Red Széll alternates with AMI Audiobook Review and The Pulse.

Tripping On Air

Fashion Dis host Ardra Shephard, along with Alex Hajjar, brings her confessional/informational blog, Tripping On Air, to the podcast airwaves where she spills the tea on what it’s really like to live with MS. Every month, Tripping On Air invites the cool kids of chronic illness to tune in, hang out, have a laugh, learn some tips, and above all, feel seen. 

Raising Kindness with Becki Zerr

Former Registered Nurse Becki Zerr has wrapped her successful AMI-audio memoir, The Blind Reality, after two years and 20 episodes. Now, she turns the spotlight on others! In Raising Kindness with Becki Zerr, Becki and her son, Bennett, perform acts of kindness in such settings as shelters, community centres and nursing homes in southern Saskatchewan. Along the way, listeners learn about the work being done at those venues and meet people who improve the lives of those in need.

Blind Golf Canada

Hosted by Gerry Nelson and Darren Douma, Blind Golf Canada champions the evolution of the AMI-supported sport, including its recent partnership with ParaGolf Canada. Summer episodes of Blind Golf Canada feature highlights of the four ParaGolf Canada major events held every year.

Shaun of the Shed

Hosted by Double Tap’s Shaun Preece from his shed in Manchester, Shaun of the Shed gives those new to the world of technology a helping hand with everything from using a screen reader or smart speakers to unboxing and starting up a new computer.

The Pulse 

Host Joeita Gupta leads an in-depth discussion on issues impacting the disability community across Canada.

Low Vision Moments 

Part story time, part comedy, part awareness-driven, Low Vision Moments with Jennie Bovard presents funny experiences that happen when you are blind or partially sighted.

These podcasts join new seasons of current AMI-audio podcasts AMI Audiobook Review, AMI-audio Exclusives, Accessing Art with Amy, Kitchen Confession, Connecting Disability, Into You and Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther. Additionally, Ryan Chin and Becky Armstrong host Eyes on Your Money, a brand-new podcast focused on managing your finances. 

View the full AMI-audio schedule.

AMI-audio Channel Guide

Bell Aliant - 66
Bell - 49
Cogeco Ontario - 596
Compton - 88
Eastlink - 887
MTS - 704
Novus - 889
Rogers ATL - 196
Rogers MTN - 889
Rogers ON - 196
Rogers Ignite - 146
SaskTel - 555
Shaw Cable - 889
Shaw Direct (Advanced) - 288
Shaw Direct (Classic) - 825
Source Cable - 110
Tbaytel (IPTV) - 1112
Telus - 889
Westman - 889​​​​

AMI-audio is also broadcast in basic cable on the Secondary Audio Programming (SAP) of CBC News Network.