Amusement at West Edmonton Mall

Mark DeMontis has never been too fond of heights or thrill rides but Canadian Paralympic great Vivian Forest gets him to toss those fears aside at the West Edmonton Mall. Come along for the ride and meet some penguins and a sea lion along the way.


Halifax, Nova Scotia is throwing a goalball party and you and Sports Access are invited! Meet some of the best players from around Canada and the United States as they vie for the championship at this first annual event. Plus, hosts DMo and Simmer go head-to-head in their own goalball challenge.

Water Sports

Host Mark DeMontis has participated in as many activities for the visually impaired as any person in history. This week he's at it again, trying his hand (or, rather, his oar and paddle) at rowing, kayaking, and dragon boating. Meet the best in the business and find out why these are such popular activities.

Deep Sea Fishing

DMo and Simmer loved Prince Edward Island so much they decided to stay a bit longer. Deep sea fishing charters had been pulling 800 to 1,000 pound tuna from the waters off North Lake, PEI. Would our hosts experience similar luck? Join the crew to see if they can reel in one of these Atlantic Ocean giants.


Sports Access co-hosts Mark Demontis and Rob Simpson stage their first ever one-on-one recreational battle. Bragging rights are on the line at the archery range in Caledon, Ontario. Find out how a person with a visual impairment and another in eyeshades fires a bow and arrow, and find out who wins!

Best of

In this second last episode of Sports Access for the 2014-2015 season, host Mark DeMontis is ready to recap the run with this "Best Of" episode. Travel along as DMo re-lives some of the season’s most entertaining and inspiring moments.