There's Something You Should Know

A new original series that’s opening minds one date a time.

There's Something You Should Know

A new original series that’s opening minds one date a time.

Meet the Daters

Dater Ben


Ben is a 22-year-old business student who likes hanging out with his friends, spinning electronic dance tracks or speeding around campus on his longboard. He was born with a rare condition and is missing half his right leg, but wears a specialized prosthetic that makes any type of ‘boarding—long, skate or snow—a piece of cake. Ben is active and adventurous and looking for someone who is up for fun and good heart-to-hearts. It helps if she can dance.

Dater Holly


Holly is an outgoing and funny 26-year-old nutritionist who loves to socialize, especially if there is food involved. She’s done with the online dating scene and is looking to make an in-person love connection with a guy who is also outgoing and funny. It also helps if the dude is tall. When Holly was 11, she was in a car accident that damaged her spine. She's been in a wheelchair ever since.

Dater Chelsea


Chelsea is a 33-year-old occupational science researcher who loves running and competes in triathlons when she can. She is an activist who speaks on behalf of people with disabilities. Chelsea was born with a rare vision disability and is legally blind. She’s looking for a guy or gal who is both clever and open-minded. Bonus points for those who can run!

Dater Patty


Patty is a vivacious and outgoing 44-year-old single mom, foodie and dating blogger. Even though she’s tired of online dating, she dabbles in it to keep her blog chops strong. Speaking of chops, Patty likes guys who know their chops from their ribs and their paella from their pad thai. A decade ago, she was diagnosed with skin cancer, which led to her leg being amputated.   

Dater Loriedelle


Loriedelle is an adventurous and feisty 41-year-old adrenaline junkie who is training to be a competitive bodybuilder. She admits that she often plays too hard-to-get when it comes to dating and her shyness sometimes comes across as aloofness. Loriedelle is looking for a guy who is funny and can bench as much as she can (or at least close to what she can bench). She was born with club feet and uses a wheelchair.

Dater Danny


Twenty-three-year-old Danny is a competitive wheelchair basketball player who dreams of being on the national team at the Paralympics. He’s looking for a girl who is independent and sporty with a sharp wit. When he was 15, Danny was on a humanitarian mission in the Dominican Republic when a balcony collapsed. He fell three storeys, severing his spine.