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Daters Daniel and Shania sit in an art gallery

There’s Something You Should Know about AMI-tv’s new dating series

Dating is a challenge at the best of times. And, with the popularity of dating apps, it’s easy to dismiss a potential mate without getting to know them based on appearances.

There’s Something You Should Know aims to change that. 

Debuting Tuesday, October 30, at 8:30 p.m. Eastern on AMI-tv, the documentary series follows single people with a physical disability they reveal only after they’ve spoken to three prospective matches. The six-part series empowers them to choose two matches and pick the activities on the dates. After that, they’ll decide if they want a second date.

“I was really nervous,” says Holly Noon. “But once I talked to [the] casting [department], it sounded really cool.” Holly, who has been using a wheelchair since being a car accident when she was 11, was open-minded about the process and had no expectations. The 26-year-old nutritionist was hopeful there would be a spark during her dates but didn’t feel pressure to force it. Holly is the featured dater in Episode 2 and, with the help of her friend Hayden, chooses two potential matches to go on a date with. 

Unlike real life, There’s Something You Should Know was the first time Holly had been on a blind date. That means suitors know in advance that she’s in a wheelchair. 

Not so for Patty De Guia. The 44-year-old single mom doesn’t reveal she lost her right leg above the knee to cancer 11 years ago. The results have been mixed.

“Ninety per cent of men ghost me and I never hear from them again,” Patty says. “The other 10 per cent are happy I survived and are still interested.” She feels, however, many of those men go on dates out of curiosity rather than having a real interest in her. Patty chose her best friend, Amanda, to help pick two men to date; they agreed on the pair who were the least shocked by Patty’s revelation.

“I think it’s an incredible concept,” Patty says of There’s Something You Should Know. “There are all these dating shows out there that show all these full-bodied, beautiful, gorgeous people. That’s not real life. We should all have the opportunity to find someone to love.”

Meanwhile, Danny Bigu’s experience was totally unexpected. The 23-year-old, who severed his spine at 15 when he fell three storeys in a balcony collapse while on a humanitarian mission in the Dominican Republic, emerged more confident. In the past, Danny would do most of the talking on a first date to show he was just an average guy. His time during filming There’s Something You Should Know was an education.   

“Interacting with the film crew and the girls themselves; I felt like they were legitimately interested in me,” Danny explains. “It gave me a real boost in confidence and made me believe in myself. I just need to be myself. It was a big growing opportunity.” 

There’s Something You Should Know airs Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. Eastern on AMI-tv. Stream it on demand after each broadcast on or the AMI-tv App.