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  • The Access Tech Live logo.

    Access Tech Live

    Access Tech Live is a live weekly broadcast that promises an interactive experience for viewers and the ability to cover technology news as it unfolds.

  • AMI Connect

    AMI Connect

    Increasing diversity, equity and inclusion in the media is important, but is it really happening? And what can be done to ensure it does?

  • Janice Olynich and Christina Giordmaina put leg braces on a dog.

    Adaptable Animals

    Adaptable Animals looks at the world of animals with disabilities, and the advances in veterinary medicine that provide them with prosthetics.

  • AMI This Week

    AMI This Week

    AMI This Week is a weekly magazine show with a distinct community focus, sharing events and interesting stories from coast to coast.

  • A group of people, wearing medical masks, stand in a television studio.

    AMI Emergency Series

    The AMI Emergency Series details the steps Canadians in the blind and partially sighted community should take to be prepared for emergencies.

  • Greg Westlake and Travis Murao

    Beyond the Field

    Beyond the Field, hosted by Paralympians Greg Westlake and Travis Murao, examines important issues impacting the world of parasport.

  • Ron Walsh and his friends smile into the camera.

    Blind Adventures with Ron Walsh

    Join outdoors enthusiast Ron Walsh, who is blind, as he and his friends explore the exciting locations Saskatchewan offers.

  • A golden Lab, wearing a CNIB bib, looks up.

    Blind Trust: A Guide Dog's Journey

    Blind Trust: A Guide Dog’s Journey tells the story of the CNIB Guide Dog program.

  • Dan performs his stand-up routine on-stage

    Breaking Character

    Breaking Character explores disability representation through performers with disabilities trying to make it onto the screen, stage, comedy club circuit and runway.

  • Bruce Cook smiles into the camera. He is seated in a wheelchair.

    By Hook or By Cook

    Bruce Cook wants to help others with disabilities enjoy life’s possibilities with the unique innovations that he creates.

  • Anna-Karina Tabuñar

    Canada in Perspective

    Join host, and journalist, Anna-Karina Tabuñar as she explores issues related to accessibility and inclusion.

  • Challenges and Change with Craig Oliver

    Challenges & Change with Craig Oliver

    Veteran journalist Craig Oliver and his guests analyze issues relating to accessibility and inclusion in Canada.

  • Tommy Schneider and Mary Mammoliti smile into the camera.

    Dish with Mary

    Mary Mammoliti—a home cook and food blogger who is partially sighted—knows her way around the kitchen and proves it during fun cook-alongs with renowned Canadian chefs.

  • Host Taylor Olson


    Disrupt showcases music, short films, poetry, animation, spoken word, comedy, dance, puppetry and other mediums, with a disability-first punk rock attitude.

  • Sea School


    A closer look at unique stories that are relevant to Canadians of all abilities.

  • Steven and Marc smile into the camera.

    Double Tap TV

    Join hosts Steven Scott and Marc Aflalo as they help viewers better understand how technology can assist in everyday life.

  • Job seeker Clover

    Employable Me

    Job seekers are determined to prove having a physical disability or neurological condition shouldn't make them unemployable.

  • An eye doctor performs and eye exam.

    Eye Care

    Exploring different eye conditions through the experiences of everyday Canadians.

  • A man smiles.

    Eyes for the Job

    Chris Judge and Erwan Fresq tackle DIY projects in their community with a little help from their travelling workshop in a converted camper van!

  • The cast of Fashion Dis

    Fashion Dis

    Each episode of Fashion Dis celebrates the head-to-toe overhaul of a frustrated style seeker discouraged by an industry that lacks adaptive options.

  • Four Senses

    Four Senses

    Celebrity chefs Christine Ha and Carl Heinrich team up with special guests for an exciting cooking show with an accessibility twist.

  • Growing Sense

    Growing Sense

    Milena and Rosmarie build and tend to an accessible garden plot at Common Roots Urban Farm in Halifax.

  • Bobbi Janzen stands with her arms out.

    Healthy at Home

    Fitness instructor Bobbi Janzen guides viewers through a home workout that tones and strengthens for everyday living.

  • A woman stands in a swimming pool, adjusting her cap.


    Meet everyday people who have discovered ways to cope with a physical disability or mental health challenges and move forward with their lives.

  • April Hubbard smiles into the camera.

    In Focus

    Host April Hubbard and guests examine complex issues through the lens of disability.

  • Two people, using wheelchairs, smile into the camera, with thumbs up.

    Level Playing Field

    Introducing the athletes, community groups and grassroots innovators who demonstrate a desire to help drive positive social change through sport.

  • Kelly and Ramya smile into the camera.

    Kelly and Ramya

    Tune in weekdays at 2 p.m. Eastern for interviews and discussions about arts, entertainment and the lifestyle issues that matter to you.

  • Mind Set Go 3

    Mind Set Go

    Eight Canadians transform their physical, mental and emotional health with the help of fitness experts and celebrated Paralympians.

  • Kevin Shaw smiles into the camera.

    Mind Your Own Business

    With the help of mentors, entrepreneurs in the disability community aim to take their businesses to the next level.

  • Ness, Zehb and Eva smile into the camera.

    Ness Murby: Transcending

    Paralympian Ness Murby trains and vies to become the world’s first openly trans man to compete at a Paralympic Games.

  • Dave Brown smiles into the camera.

    NOW with Dave Brown

    Join Dave Brown weekdays at 9 a.m. ET as he discusses the latest news, entertainment, sports and current events through a disability lens.

  • D.J. Demers smiles into the camera.

    One More Time

    One More Time is a workplace comedy about a manager, who is hard of hearing, of a second-hand sporting goods store, and the team of employees he leads.

  • Our Community

    Our Community

    Highlighting the people, places, organizations or things that have made life more enjoyable for Canadians with a disability.

  • Therese Estacion sits on an adaptive bike.

    Postcards From...

    Embark on a multisensory journey, revealing a secret side to Canada we taste, touch, smell, see and hear for the first time.

  • The cast of Push


    Push takes audiences into the inner world of the “Wheelie Peeps,” an unlikely group of friends bonded by their shared experience of life on wheels.

  • A woman sits at a keyboard.


    From pianists to rock and roll drummers, to regional legends in music, Rhythms profiles Canada’s most extraordinary performers.

  • The cast of Seven Feet Over.

    Seven Feet Over

    Follow Vincent, Pascal, Martin and David, four men who stand head and shoulders above the crowd, literally, because of their height.

  • A silhouette of a man playing a guitar.

    Seeing Music

    Go on a musical journey across Canada and around the world, meeting blind and partially sighted musicians for whom music is not only a passion but a way of living.

  • A man and woman walk along a dirt path. The man is using a white cane.

    Sight Seers

    An investigative documentary series that follows the work and travels of a pair of clairvoyants with a unique way of seeing the world.

  • Rachele Manett smiles during an interview.

    That Sex Show

    Hosted by Rachele Manett, That Sex Show is a deep dive into the intersection of sex and disability.

  • Two daters sit at a table and clink drinks.

    There's Something You Should Know

    There’s Something You Should Know is a dating show that features interesting men and women looking for love...with a twist.

  • Laura Vinson

    The Awakeners

    Acclaimed Canadian singer and songwriter Laura Vinson is on a personal journey to connect with Indigenous artists with disabilities.

  • The Hutchinson family smiles into the camera.

    We Are One

    Every family is unique. Meet Canadian families - that include members of the disability community - as they share stories of adapting, growing and supporting each other.

  • An image of Holly overlayed on a picture of the bridge Holly was found under.

    What Happened to Holly Bartlett

    Holly Bartlett’s death was labelled accidental, but there are questions, evidence, and many theories about how she may have died.

  • Max looks into the camera. He rests one hand on his pregnant belly.

    Womb Envy

    When a gay party boy’s best friend asks him to play baby daddy, even a lover who is partially sighted and an imaginary drag queen can’t stop his womb envy.

  • You Can't Ask That

    You Can't Ask That

    You Can't Ask That is a documentary series that confronts prejudices and breaks down taboos in our society in an authentic and relatable way.