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Top 5 Low Vision Moments of 2023

Authored on January 26, 2024

Let’s reflect on 2023, a stellar year of podcast guests, and the most hilarious and thought-provoking stories. From the worst places to leave food, to airport poop jokes, and celebrating the legendary Darryl Lenox, Jennie highlights the Top 5 Low Vision Moments of the year. 


  • Blind Pele – Opening Clip (00:00)
  • Top 5 Low Vision Moments of 2023 Introduction (00:17)
  • Honourable Mention – Ben Akuoko (01:33)
  • #5 – Sitting in Crab Curry with Ramya Amuthan (02:15)
  • #4 – Ostomy Bag Check with Rare with Flair (06:48)
  • #3 – Blind Swag with MDB (11:52)
  • #2 – Snubbing Grandma with Dave Brown (17:16)
  • #1 – Balloon at the Border with Darryl Lenox (21:01)
  • Bonus – Locked Out in 2024 (27:50)
  • Show Close (29:20)


Ben Akuoko co-hosts CNIB’s The Lens: Living Diverse Podcast

Ramya Amutham co-hosts Kelly and Ramya on AMI TV and the AMI Audiobook Review podcast

Casey Greer & Cassandra Mendez host the Rare with Flair podcast

MDB (AKA Mike Dow) is a rapper based in Moncton, NB, find him on Facebook and YouTube.

Dave Brown hosts Now with Dave Brown on AMI TV, find content on YouTube and podcast platforms. 

Darryl Lenox is a comedy legend, visit

Theme song by Outtacontroller - BandCamp; @Outtacontroller on Instagram

Human Origami with Jen Fancy

Authored on December 29, 2023

Jennie invites Jen Fancy, beloved colleague and world traveller, to recap their most hilarious shared work experiences to date. Blind Pele strikes again, both Jens admit to confusing the world at large with what they can and cannot see, and Jen Fancy explains how she once became human origami in an airport. You’ll notice a killer new theme song and not one mention of the holiday season. You're welcome. 


  • Show Open (00:00)
  • Introducing Jen Fancy (1:01)
  • Day Jobs & Baked-Goods Radar (2:44)
  • “Faking It” (6:24)
  • Blind Pele & the Wet Floor Sign (7:41)
  • Travel “Assistance” (11:08)
  • Orientation, Mobility & Mentoring in Moncton (13:02)
  • Fireplace = Hot (16:47)
  • Human Origami at the Tokyo Airport (20:49)
  • Lifelong Learning (26:09)
  • The Sordid Sounds of Sex Educations (27:50)
  • The Unfollowable Jen Fancy (30:54)
  • Show Close (34:03)

Guest bio:

Jen Fancy is a Mentor for children & youth who are blind or visually impaired and their families. She loves outdoor activities, traveling, and her pets.

Guest Description:

Jen sits in a naturally lit room, in front of a shelf filled with toys and games including a yellow duck wearing glasses and Disney figures. She has brown hair past her shoulders and wears a coral v-neck shirt. 

About Low Vision Moments:

Part story time, part comedy, part awareness driven, Jennie Bovard presents funny experiences that happen when you are blind or partially sighted.

Jennie Bovard is a running, beer-drinking, thirtysomething with albinism. She loves trying all the things, making people laugh, and volunteering to create accessible sport and recreation opportunities in her community. Jennie, who has lived with partial sight all her life, has a diploma in film and TV production. Jennie lives in Halifax.

About AMI

AMI is a not-for-profit media company that entertains, informs and empowers Canadians who are blind or partially sighted. Operating three broadcast services, AMI-tv and AMI-audio in English and AMI-télé in French, AMI’s vision is to establish and support a voice for Canadians with disabilities, representing their interests, concerns and values through inclusion, representation, accessible media, reflection, representation and portrayal.

Learn more at

Connect on Twitter @AccessibleMedia

On Instagram @accessiblemediainc

On Facebook at @AccessibleMediaInc


Going Through Space Sideways with J. Dollaz

Authored on November 24, 2023

Recording artist J. Dollaz AKA Jahron Black joins Jennie from Brooklyn, NY. They fess up to messing up the things they’ve done a million times before, like rapping and podcasting. They also bounce brutal goalball stories off of one another, and examine whether there could be a temporary edible cure for blindness. 

Guest Bio:

J.Dollaz AKA Jahron Black is a recording artist, goalball athlete, and dedicated community leader from Brooklyn, New York.

Featured Song:  

J.Dollaz "Therapy" (unreleased)

Guest Description:

Jahron is a Black man, with dark facial hair and tied back locks. He wears headphones and sits on a brown leather couch against a light blue wall. His shirt reads “Later turns into never”.


  • Show Open (00:26)
  • About Jahron Black (01:49)
  • Making Music (04:11)
  • Effing Up in the Podcast Studio (05:07)
  • Going Sideways in the Studio (09:54)
  • Can Edibles Cure Blindness? (13:42)
  • Tripping, Literally (15:11)
  • About Goalball (18:01)
  • Goalball Injuries (20:13)
  • Blood on the Goalball Court (22:28)
  • New York Association of Blind Athletes (26:59)
  • Goalball Family (29:18)
  • Follow J. Dollaz Online (31:34)
  • Show Close (33:59)


J. Dollaz:  YouTube,  Facebook, Instagram

More from J.Dollaz

Darryl Lenox, Comedian -