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AMI-audio has added to its growing stable of programs with six new original podcasts. These podcasts, hosted by talent familiar to fans of NOW with Dave Brown and Kelly and Company, Reflect and Renew with Kevin Naidoo and AMI This Week, explore life in the blind and partially sighted and disability community through the voices of those who are living in it.

Thoughtful, emotional, funny and informative, these podcasts offer an intimate peek into the disability community in Canada.

The new AMI-audio original podcasts —available on on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, TuneIn or your preferred podcast catcher—include: 

The Blind Reality

Debuting Tuesday, October 13, NOW with Dave Brown Community Reporter Becki Zerr shares her unique life experience as healthcare provider and client, as well as being a mom. She has lived as a person with monocular vision, no vision at all, and various degrees of partial sight. Each month, Becki tells honest stories of family, friendships, parenting, career, entrepreneurship and repeatedly defying the odds.

“It’s going to be serious at times, but I’m going to flip it,” Becki says. “I want it to be light, airy and honest and step back and have a little giggle at myself and recognize some of the humour that definitely goes along with this experience.” 

Accessing Art with Amy

Amy Amantea, who is blind, hosts an all-inclusive arts bi-weekly podcast—bowing Thursday, October 15—featuring a wide variety of art forms through the lens of disability. Amy speaks with artists from all genres, and learns about what inspires them, what adaptations they have developed, and the barriers they face in their medium’s industry. Amy is a Community Reporter for AMI-audio’s NOW with Dave Brown.

“There aren’t a lot of platforms for artists with disabilities to share what they do and an overall interest in the mainstream about disability arts,” Amy says. “Oftentimes when I say to people, ‘I’m an artist,’ they look at me funny like, ‘How does that work?’ I want to educate people in the extremely talented artists that happen to live with disability, are creative and want to make a living.”

A Yogi’s Guide to Health and Wellness

Beginning Tuesday, October 20, spend every other week with Kevin Naidoo and other wellness experts from around the world as they discuss nutrition, yoga, mindfulness, emotional health and meditation. Kevin is the host of Reflect and Renew with Kevin Naidoo, currently in its third season on AMI-tv.

“Sit back, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and join thousands of listeners from around the globe as we create a new path forward focused on your wellbeing,” Kevin says.

Low Vision Moments

Jennie Bovard hosts the monthly podcast Low Vision Moments. Launching Thursday, October 29, Low Vision Moments presents the funny, potentially embarrassing experiences that happen in everyday life when you are blind or partially sighted … like physical distancing with a post because Jennie thought it was a person.

Low Vision Moments can be frustrating or potentially embarrassing,” Jennie says. “They can often be pretty amusing, like mistaking a dead bush across the street for an exceptionally fluffy dog. Low Vision Moments is part story time, part awareness, and all about having a good time laughing at ourselves.”

Tales from the Halifax School for the Blind

Available for download on Tuesday, November 3, and inspired by the book Mrs. Beaton’s Question by Robert Mercer, this monthly podcast shares the experiences of students who attended the Halifax School for the Blind. Hosted by renowned musician and school alumnus Terry Kelly, Tales from the Halifax School for the Blind presents first-hand accounts from fellow students who tell stories of youthful mischief, school culture, inspiring teachers, and the lives they’ve enjoyed since graduation.

“For 112 years, the Halifax School for the Blind was home to thousands of children from Atlantic Canada and beyond,” says Ryan Delehanty, AMI Content Development Specialist and podcast creator and producer. “Tales from the Halifax School for the Blind paints a vivid picture of what day-to-day life was like inside this one-of-a-kind institution, and how it provided generations of blind and partially-sighted youth with the skills and education necessary to live full, productive and independent lives.”

Into You

Dating and relationships: are they dreams come true or living nightmares? That’s the question Fern Lulham, who is blind, asks each month on Into You, beginning Thursday, November 5. Fern, of Hastings, UK, and regular contributor of Kelly and Company, welcomes guests to share in honest discussions about relationships and dating.

"Into You explores all those relationship highs and lows you will relate to so well and what they can teach you about yourself,” Fern says. “From respect to rejection, guilt to ghosting, happiness to heartbreak, devotion to divorce—we will cover all the juiciest topics from what NOT to do on a first date to the secrets of staying together for life.”

Kitchen Confession

Debuting on Wednesday, November 18, the bi-weekly Kitchen Confession—with host Mary Mammoliti—dives into the minds and kitchens of chefs, authors, lifestyle experts, foodie friends, bakers and brewers who share their untold kitchen confessions along with insider tips and tricks of the trade. 

Mary Mammoliti is no stranger to AMI. Mary, who is partially sighted, has been a regular contributor since 2017, first on Live from Studio 5 and currently on Kelly and Company. Her bi-weekly Kelly and Company segments spotlight current food trends, kitchen tips, local restaurant and food-related business highlights, holiday menu guides, meal planning and recipes listeners can try at home. Mary’s in-person cooking demo during Kelly and Company’s annual holiday show are a fan favourite. 

Additionally, Mary stars in A Taste of the Prairies on AMI-tv. The 2019 documentary finds Mary exploring the farm to table movement in Alberta before bringing a taste of the region back to her own kitchen for inspired recipes. Mary also brings her simple and tasty recipes to her Now We’re Cooking with Mary Mammoliti segments on the weekly newsmagazine show AMI This Week.

These new podcasts join AMI-audio’s stable of established programs NOW with Dave Brown, Kelly and Company, The Pulse and Double Tap Canada already available on your favourite podcast platform.

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