Two preview screens from video cameras showing dogs sitting around a table.

The K9-Online Institute

For decades, guide dogs have been a valuable tool for the low vision community. With a guide dog at his or her side a person who is blind or partially sighted can navigate the world with confidence, agility and security.


For those with vision loss, navigating the internet can be a challenge. K9-Online believes it has the solution.

AMI This Week co-host Molly Burke interviews Rikki Poynter on a couch with video camera operator filming.

Molly Burke and Rikki Poynter

Molly Burke and Rikki Poynter Collaborate on a vlog!

Molly Burke wears a wet suit while sitting in shallow water and laughing as her feet rest on a surfboard.

Blind Surf Camp

AMI This Week's Molly Burke packed her suitcase for surfing camp in California to prove ‪‎Matthew from Tinder‬ wrong.