Step off the sidewalk with AMI-audio's Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther

A man and a guide dog stand on a frozen lake. The man is wearing winter gear.

Lawrence Gunther hopes that, when people tune in to his new AMI-audio show, it will inspire them to explore their country.

"For those that don't live in rural communities, I hope they say, 'That's an interesting way of life and I want to try that,'" Lawrence says. "I want to introduce them to the people and the ideas that don't involve living in the city."

The aptly-titled Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther—airing Fridays at 8 p.m. Eastern on AMI-audio—finds the conservationist and professional angler, outdoor writer, podcaster, blogger, film maker and TV host opening the door to the latest outdoor news, outdoor and environmental issues, reviews of outdoor tech, and tips on exploring the outdoors with a guide dog and other devices.

Lawrence, who is blind, has a long history with AMI. His feature documentary, What Lies Below, premiered on AMI-tv soon after its 2016 big-screen debut. That was followed by Lawrence and Dave Brown venturing north in the AMI-tv original Postcards from the Yukon, his Blue Fish Radio podcast on AMI-audio and regular appearances on AMI This Week and NOW with Dave Brown.

Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther is the result of two years of self-education and research into podcasting; a project with structured segments each week, as well as Lawrence revealing his experiences as he slowly became blind.

The podcast segment, Something New to Add to Your Outdoor Adventure Bucket List introduces listeners to the people with a passion to provide tourists with unique outdoor experiences. Getting Schooled by Miss. Lilly is a weekly feature tackling environmental mitigation and resilience issues through conversations between Lawrence and his daughter. The segment Outdoor Access Tips and Tech, informs and inspires listeners to try something different by sharing tips on how to experience and enjoy the outdoors, so all people—rural and urban—are better equipped and confident to venture off the grid and off the sidewalk.

Each episode of Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther ends with Campfire Reflections on issues in the news. This is a sharing of perspectives rooted in local and traditional knowledge, and Lawrence’s unique connection with nature.

"This segment is where maybe I turn my blindness into an asset," Lawrence says. "As someone without sight, here's another way of seeing this. And I'll also encourage listeners to reach out and connect with me and I'll respond to them during Campfire Reflections."

Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther airs Fridays at 8 p.m. Eastern on AMI-audio.

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