Two preview screens from video cameras showing dogs sitting around a table.

The K9-Online Institute

For decades, guide dogs have been a valuable tool for the low vision community. With a guide dog at his or her side a person who is blind or partially sighted can navigate the world with confidence, agility and security.


For those with vision loss, navigating the internet can be a challenge. K9-Online believes it has the solution.

Image showing an elevated wooden area covered by a tent in front of the main stage at the Hillside music festival. A sign shows a graphic of a person in a wheelchair with the text: "Share the Shade. This oasis is reserved for individuals with special needs. Thank you!" It is signed with the letters ASK, which is an acronym for Access Support Krew.

Accessibility at Ottawa Bluesfest

AMI This Week Presenter Dave Brown responds to Amy Volume’s troubles with accessibility at Ottawa Bluesfest.

Jan Ditchfield holds a mobile phone showing The Tandem Project Huddle app while standing in front of a red tandem bicycle.

The Tandem Project's Guide Me App

The Tandem Project’s Huddle accessible app has a Guide Me tool, which connects people who are non-sighted with people who are sighted that want to help make sport inclusive for everyone.

Still image from the film My Blind Brother shows characters Rose (Jenny Slate) gasping while standing beside Robbie (Adam Scott), who is blind, and Robbie's resentful brother Bill (Nick Kroll). Image courtesy of My Blind Brother.

New Films Starring Characters with Disabilities

A list of five recently released films that not only star characters with disabilities, but also aggressively smash stereotypes of how saintly such characters should behave.

Image includes the following white text on a black background within a white rectangle: This program contains Integrated Described Video. It was written to be accessible for blind and low vision viewers.

Media Accessibility

“My vision is to make media accessible across all platforms, including broadcast, broadband, wireless and any future medium that comes along.