described video

YouTube stars Rikki Poynter and Molly Burke, along with her guide dog Gallop, stand with AMI's Peter Armstrong and Chris O'Brien around a sign with the words "see" and "hear" crossed out so only the word "access" remains.

YouTube Accessibility Summit

YouTube demonstrated its commitment to people with disabilities by hosting the inaugural YouTube Accessibility Summit.

Still image from the film My Blind Brother shows characters Rose (Jenny Slate) gasping while standing beside Robbie (Adam Scott), who is blind, and Robbie's resentful brother Bill (Nick Kroll). Image courtesy of My Blind Brother.

New Films Starring Characters with Disabilities

A list of five recently released films that not only star characters with disabilities, but also aggressively smash stereotypes of how saintly such characters should behave.

Image shows a woman standing behind a pile of charcoal and staring into the camera. It's a screenshot from Death by a Thousand Cuts, which examines the charcoal market in Croix-des-Bouquets, in the outskirts of Port-au-Prince.

Hot Docs Accessibility Series

AMI has partnered with Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival to ensure that this year’s event is more accessible to the blind, low vision, deaf and hard of hearing community. 

Image includes the following white text on a black background within a white rectangle: This program contains Integrated Described Video. It was written to be accessible for blind and low vision viewers.

Media Accessibility

“My vision is to make media accessible across all platforms, including broadcast, broadband, wireless and any future medium that comes along.