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Recipes for the Season 4 of Four Senses are available below. If you would prefer the recipes in accessible PDF format please email and we would be happy to send them to you. Recipes for Season 1 and 3 of Four Senses can be requested via email. Recipes for Season 2 are unavailable.

Season 4

Episode 1, Sweet and Savoury

Episode 2, Scalloped and Chowdered

Episode 3, Smoked and Salted

Episode 4, Hops, Skip and Rum

Episode 5, From the Sea

Episode 6, Greens and Grapes

Episode 7, In the Grove

Episode 8, Baked and Bundled

Episode 9, One Pot Wonders

Episode 10, Upside Down

Episode 11, Low and Slow

Episode 12, Ships and Chips

Episode 13, Hunting and Gathering