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Live from Studio 5

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Episode 596: Friday, July 13

Nelson Rego of Cool Blind Tech will join us to discuss how to disable fingerprint and face recognition on your iPhone. J.M. Frey previews Mission Impossible: Fallout. And Al Etmanski will tell us why he thinks people with disabilities have entered a new age in Canada.

Episode 595: Thursday, July 12

Tim Schwartz of Double Tap Canada talks about Microsoft's Surface Go. Courtney Ayukawa tells us about Good Foot Delivery. Donna Jodhan calls to discuss the challenges facing blind and vision-impaired persons communicating where English is not the first language.

Episode 594: Wednesday, July 11

Thierry Darch joins us to discuss Mobi Mat. Andy Frank previews an article from the National Post about the development of human rights in Saudi Arabia. And community reporter Kim Kilpatrick and director Bronwyn Steinberg discuss Kim's one woman show.


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