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Live from Studio 5

Wednesday, October 18

Football fans and gamers from the blind and partially sighted community can now have several vision accessibility options available on the new Madden NFL 18, and joining us to tell us more about this, is software engineer Karen Stevens. Plus, Tech expert Mike Agerbo joins us with the latest in tech news including how Google Photos can recognize your pets!

Tuesday, October 17

Julie Brocklehurst from St. John’s Newfoundland tells us about her son’s experience playing blind hockey for the first time through a program sponsored by AMI. Emily Christie from CODNL tells us about a new social media campaign to break down stereotypes around disability. Plus, we find out about the Jean Jewels and Jerseys Gala when we speak to Karen Magee, our regional content specialist in Ottawa.

Monday, October 16

There is an opioid crisis affecting major cities across Canada. One Toronto organization is trying to make a difference by developing emergency response kits. We talk to the head of the organization to find out more. It’s that time of year when the Halifax Pop Explosion music festival comes around and our regional content specialist Ryan Delehanty will tell us all about it. Plus, Our movie reviewer Todd Blenkhorn reviews the Ryan Gosling/Harrison Ford picture, Blade Runner 2049!

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