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Classroom Canines

Service dogs are becoming increasingly popular. They are trained to assist with a wide range of disabilities. But should these specialty pups be allowed in the classroom? Host Anna-Karina discusses the reality of service dogs in the classroom.

Sign of the Times

The 21st century has revolutionized the way Canadians communicate with each other. But, when a member of the deaf and hard of hearing community wants to have a conversation with a hearing person, they are forced to use a TTY (Text Telephone), a service developed in the 1960s. Host Anna-Karina explores the possibilities and benefits of Video Relay Service in Canada.

Weathering the Storm

Disaster can strike at any time. Who is responsible for your safety during an emergency? What we tell you could save your life. Canada in Perspective learns how to prepare for the worst.

Compassionate Kids

We've all felt the effects of negative behaviours, like harsh words and exclusion. Fostering compassion at a young age may help prevent bad behaviour from occurring. Host Anna-Karina explores the tools for teaching compassion and the good that comes with it.

Without a Voice

People with disabilities suffer physical and sexual abuse at a rate 4-times that of the rest of society. What’s more alarming is their failure or inability to report crimes against them. Canada in Perspective offers help to those who feel they are "Without a Voice".

Protective Measures

There are million-dollar questions for people with profound intellectual disabilities: Do they possess the capacity to understand sexuality? Do they have the ability to give consent? Should they have the right to bear children? Canada in Perspective discusses these issues on behalf of people with disabilities and their decision-makers.