The Pulse

Host Dave Brown along with guest contributors brings us closer to issues currently impacting the disabled community across Canada and the world. Listen weekdays at 12 p.m. Eastern.

The Pulse

Recent Episodes:

Episode 144: Re-broadcast: Friday, July 20

Accessibility comes in many forms, but so do barriers. As Ontario races towards the AODA deadlines, there are still plenty of private businesses that aren't meeting their obligations. What should businesses be doing to comply with accessibility standards?

Luke Anderson is the founder of the StopGap Foundation. He discusses their national efforts to remove barriers. He also describes their upcoming initiatives to raise awareness on accessibility.  

Episode 161: Re-broadcast: Thursday, July 19

We begin our Pride celebrations with Vivek Shraya. Vivek is an assistant professor for creative writing at the University of Calgary. She is also an award-winning author, artist and advocate. She speaks us with about her new book “I’m Afraid of Men” which explores subjects of toxic masculinity, homophobia and transphobia. She also discusses with us the significance of representation in literature to further conversation on inclusion and diversity.

Episode 155: Re-broadcast: Wednesday, July 18

Individual advocates are constantly working for access to employment, affordable housing, front line services, and healthy relationships. And while individual voices are important, a collective voice is essential too.

Ryan Geake is the executive director of the Calgary Scope Society. He joins us on the line along with his colleague Denise Young, the director of community development. They tell us about the Disability Action Hall, which has been advocating for access and inclusion for the past twenty years. They also tell us about the Disability Pride Parade which took place last weekend in Calgary. 



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