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Thursday August 17, 2017 - Simon Minty from the BBC show Ouch

  • Kim Sauder, who writes the Crippled Scholar blog, assesses the Netflix series Atypical and discusses the portrayal of individuals on the autism spectrum.
  • Our contributor Melanie Emile talks backpacks, headphones, USB keys, and lunch boxes. That's right, back-to-school season is upon us.
  • Queens University engineering graduate student Rhianne Lopez tells us about her work on a new device to help young people learn Braille.
  • Our colleague Bill Shackleton joins us in studio to talk about the stories he's been following in the news.
  • Why does Facebook make us download both the Facebook app and Facebook Messenger app? And how does the messenger app stack up against its competitors? Our tech expert Michael Feir shares his opinion.
  • Simon Minty from the BBC show Ouch joins us in studio! He's in Canada for the World Dwarf Games, which wrapped up last weekend in Guelph, Ontario.


Wednesday August 16, 2017 - Accessibility at Service Canada

  • Dawn Dickinson joins us with highlights from The Health Report on our reading service. That program airs Monday to Friday at 12pm ET on AMI-audio.
  • Our How It's Done contributors Bill Shackleton and Margrett Weldon share what they've learned about the pre-employment program at BALANCE for Blind Adults.
  • AMI is involved with a plan to create a flagship Service Canada centre that focuses on accessibility. Our accessibility officer Chris O’Brien tells us more.
  • The CNIB Community Hub in Toronto will be holding an event called Inspiration Day. Brian McLean tells us more.
  • Netflix is going through some big changes. If only we could get hold of a television expert who understands these things. Are you there, Greg David?


Tuesday August 15, 2017 - The Eclipse Soundscapes Project

  • Classic cars, bouncy castles, a car limbo contest, and more! Colleen McCourt tells us about the annual Wheels on the Danforth event, happening this weekend in Toronto. 
  • The recent tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia are a reason to reflect. Our British contributor Fern Lulham joins us to talk about hate crimes against people with disabilities in the UK.
  • The Alliance for an Inclusive and Accessible Canada is a group of disability organizations consulting with Canadians about the proposed federal accessibility law. Dave Carragher tells us more about the group.
  • Our colleague Bill Shackleton talks about some events in the news that he finds interesting.
  • We revisit an earlier 'Ask-A-Vet' segment with Dr. Danielle Jongkind on healthy aging for pets.
  • It's another Tom Dekker Tuesday! Tom tells us about the Eclipse Soundscapes Project, which will help people with vision impairments experience next Monday's solar eclipse.


Monday August 14, 2017 - The Watermark Project
  • What is a mutual fund? Our personal finance expert Ron Malis explains the ins and outs of this common investment.
  • A young woman with an intellectual disability wants to donate blood, but Canadian Blood Services won't let her. Danielle McLaughlin helps us pick apart the complex questions involved.
  • The Watermark Project is collecting stories about how Canadians interact with the rivers and lakes in their community. Krystyn Tully is one of the people behind the project. She tells us more.
  • The Centre for Independent Living Toronto is co-hosting a summer social with a few other groups! Melanie Marsden tells us more.
  • CNIB archivist Jane Beaumont returns to tell us more about the first 100 years of the CNIB. This time she talks about the history and growth of the CNIB Library.
Friday August 11, 2017 - The history of hip hop, according to Google
  • In a custody battle, who gets the family dog? Dawn Dickinson highlights this and other articles from The Lifestyle Section, on our reading service.
  • Nathalea Miller had to leave her career as a registered nurse when she lost her vision. Up next, she talks about appearing on the new AMI-tv show Employable Me, which premieres tonight at 9pm ET. Here is a link to an article about her in the Brampton Guardian.
  • Chris Jonas, president and CEO of the Blind Sailing Association of Canada, tells us how Kelly did when they went sailing together.
  • Ryan Hooey joins us for his Chatty Bookshelf segment. Today he talks about audiobook bestseller lists.
  • Today's Google doodle is a look back at the history of hip hop, complete with a tutorial on how to use a pair of turntables. We share our favourite songs, and listen to a few colleagues sharing their favourites.