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Pat Boone on stage smiling wearing a white frilled jacket

Friday June 23, 2017 - Artists Corner with Legendary Pat Boone 

  • Producer Dawn Dickinson shares some highlights from the Health Report on AMI-audio’s reading service.
  • A special segment with our resident veterinarian, Dr. Danielle Jongkind. Today she will list all the reasons why you should bring your pet to the vet, even if they are seemingly healthy.
  • Fern Lulham is making another Friday Special Appearance, once again she will be playing Just a Minute with Sharon and Kelly.
  • Its Friday, which means we are joined by Ryan Hooey to talk about audiobooks. Today he is keeping on the Audiobook Month theme, and going to talk about different audiobooks he's listened to so far this month, and books that contain persons with disabilities in them.
  • Artists Corner with legendary Pat Boone. Pat will be performing at Fallsview in Niagara on June 27, 28, and 29. He will talk to us about his upcoming show, and his lengthy and impressive career and his tour to Israel.

Thursday June 22, 2017 - Kelly and Company Vault

  • As the Kelly and Company crew fly back from Winnipeg, we are going into the Kelly Co Vault with a special re-airing of our June 13th episode.

Wednesday June 20, 2017 - National Aboriginal Day Live at The Forks in Winnipeg

  • Tune in to todays special 4 hour live broadcast from The Forks in Winnipeg, Manitoba! Hosts Kelly MacDonald and Sharon Caddy are celebrating National Aboriginal Day Live with dancers, musicians and much more!
  • Burnt-Project 1 is an eleven-member musical collective that incorporates elements of rock, blues, jazz, funk and traditional First Nations music into its style. African, Middle Eastern and Latin beats are also included in their songs, as well as a big band sound with their horn section.
  • Nelson Tagoona is a multitalented musician from the small community of Baker Lake, Nunavut. He combines traditional Inuit throat singing with beat boxing, skillfully layered with guitar riffs and solos. He has a powerful message for today’s youth about finding their voice, and he delivers it through his high-energy performances.
  • Candice Hart is the Pow Wow coordinator of Manito Ahbee Festival which is an Indigenous arts, culture and music festival that already took place this past May.
  • Chief Operating Officer of APTN Sky Bridges will be kicking off the show with us to talk about Aboriginal Day Live which is taking place across 8 Canadian cities for the first time in celebration of Canada’s 150th. He can talk about how it started to what it has grown to today as an official celebration of National Aboriginal Day
  • Dene language instructor, Jimmy Thorassie will be part of the Language and Storytelling tent on site at the Forks. He will chat with us about the history of the Dene Language, the syllabics system and he will give us a few language lessons on air. Jimmy is joined by Jason Parenteau who is overseeing the language of Ojibway
  • Aboriginal Day Live hosts Janelle Wookey and Kyle Nobess will be chatting with us about their involvement with Aboriginal Day Live and will discuss their wardrobe which was created by Indigenous Canadian designers.
  • Sarah Brazauskas will talk about Manitobah Mukluks, a for profit Indigenous run and owned company that produces some of the world’s finest authentic Aboriginal Mukluks, Moccasins and accessories available around the world.
  • For more information on today’s live broadcast check out click here or listen live

Tuesday June 20, 2017 - Special Contributor's Show

  • While Kelly and Sharon prep for National Aboriginal Day Live, Producer Victoria Marck and Intern Ramya Amuthan fill in for this fun contributor show. Tune in to hear Dave Brown guest host some of the segments.
  • Greg David, our resident TV critic is on to talk about CanCon and why its important.
  • Jane Beaumont from the CNIB will be on for another segment of That All My Read, a history of the CNIB in the last 100 years.
  • Know Your Rights specialist, Danielle McLaughlin is making a special Tuesday appearance, today she is discussing whether or not Canada Post should get a say in what is mailed.
  • Andrew Gurza was recently in a documentary titled "Picture This". He is on to discuss what it was like to be in a film and what the film is all about.
  • Tuesdays are Tom Dekker Days. Tom will be discussing the World Wide Developers Conference, and the information that Apple released. 

Monday June 19, 2017- Accessible Media Wins an Award for Advancement in Accessibility