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The Sleeping Book

A dog wearing glasses sleeps beside a pile of books

  • In the heated battle between Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft to get consumers hooked on their virtual assistants, Siri seems to be enjoying the first-mover advantage. Jeff Ryman shares more with the latest lifestyle news.
  • A new study revealed that men and women use Tinder for two totally different reasons, and neither involves finding love. Graham Williams from the App Show joins us to explain!
  • The Richmond Centre for Disability is presenting an event in support of National Access Awareness Week in Canada. Sylvi Fekete shares more about this event.
  • Margrett Weldon shares a few stories including one how Donald Trump discovered that blocking someone, because they post something that he doesn’t like on Twitter is illegal.
  • Ryan Hooey drops by to tell us about a book that's sole purpose is to put you to sleep. What's this book about and how does it work? Ryan explains!
  • We have singer-songwriter, Dia, and her brother Rob, joining us for a live performance on our Friday Vibes segment!

Online Accessibility Standards

A person sitting at a desk typing on a computer


  • Audible has adapted a horror movie from the 1970's into a two-hour audio drama called Blood on Satan's Claw. What’s it all about? Mike Feir fills us in!
  • Naidex is Europe's biggest event focused on independent living for disabled people. It involves exhibits of the latest technology and a range of speakers in the disability arena. We’ll find out more about this event with contributor Fern Lulham from the UK.
  • Accessibility Officer Chris O’Brien discusses the latest draft of the WCAG 2.1 web standards that are currently being reviewed; do standards guarantee a fully accessible experience?
  • Our Community Reporter from Red Deer, Alberta, JR Bjornson tells us about the Judo Championships in Calgary that took place last weekend which featured 50 visually impaired athletes!
  • In June we’re going to be airing a special 4-part series on Access Israel’s 2018 convention and related activities. Our manager here at AMI-audio, Andy Frank, tells us about this series and what we can expect!
  • We have another edition of our weekly roundtable. This time with special guest and low vision advocate from Guyana, Kevin Singh.

How to Become a Grill Master!

Hamburgers cooking on a bbq


  • Experts stress any egg consumption needs to be part of a healthy lifestyle to be beneficial. Jeff Ryman stops by to tell us more about the health benefits of eggs in his health report!
  • Over Care is a dynamic in which loved ones provide so much help to a person and end up undermining or stifle the person's sense of independence. Our Clinical Psychologist Joshua Simmonds digs deep into this conversation.
  • In Saskatoon, they are looking at making some changes with their disabled parking permits, and some people aren't happy. What changes are they looking at? Jim Krysko explains.
  • The Canadian Student Federation is pushing for interest free student loans. Margrett Weldon shares this and much more!
  • The beloved characters from DreamWorks most celebrated films are spending the summer at the Montreal Science Centre's newest exhibit. We find out what this exhibit is all about.
  • Whether you're a grill master or just starting off, what should you have in your grilling tool kit? Mary Mammoliti shares her secrets!